Deliverable (number)Deliverable name
D1.1Technological database
D1.2Health impact database
D1.3Selection criteria
D1.4Toxicological assessment
D1.5Model sugar-reduced beverages
D1.6Cellular assays
D1.7Genetic variation
D1.8Sugar-reduced bakery and dessert products
D1.9Sugar-reduced confectionary products
D1.10Sugar-reduced yogurt products
D1.11Sugar-reduced breakfast cereals
D1.12Regulatory framework
D2.1Standardised protocol – Phase 1
D2.2Common methodologies
D2.3Electronic Case Record forms, central Datahub, and QDP
D2.4Ethical approval
D2.5Phase 1 dietary trial
D2.6Phase 1 evaluation of impact
D2.7Selection criteria
D2.8Specific Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
D2.9Phase 2 specific methodologies
D2.10Ethical approval
D2.11Phase 2 dietary trial
D2.12Phase 2 evaluation of impact
D2.13Microbiological safety
D3.1Protocol and Ethics approval
D3.2Dietary guidelines
D3.3SMART goals
D3.4Specific Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
D3.5Electronic Case Record forms, central Datahub, and QDP
D3.7Summary on recruitment
D3.8Summary report of the intervention
D3.9Monitoring report(s)
D3.10Data collection and quality check
D3.11Statistical Analysis Plan
D3.12Evaluation of Efficacy
D3.13Evaluation of Safety
D3.14Evaluation of Consumer perceptions
D3.15Evaluation of Impact
D4.1Available variables for common analysis
D4.2Method & S&SE analysis in urine
D4.3Biomarker S&SE results
D4.4S&SE intake and body weight
D4.5S&SE intake and metabolic markers
D4.6Biomarkers, weight and metabolic markers
D4.7Environmental and genetic determinants
D4.8S&S and food preference
D4.9S&SE intake, disease and mortality
D4.10Population attributable risk
D4.11Inventory S&SE foods
D5.1LCA/LCSA and case studies
D5.2Critical review of aLCA
D5.3Report of cLCA
D5.4Report of sLCA
D5.5Report of LCC
D5.6Online materials of LCSA
D5.7Complementary sustainability analysis
D5.8Life cycle inventory data
D6.1Stakeholder analysis
D6.2Gender action plan
D6.3Gender report
D6.4Full impact plan
D6.5Consumer derived typology
D6.6Media analysis
D6.7Social media analysis
D6.8Cross European stakeholder perceptions
D6.9Perceptions, barriers & opportunities for use
D6.10IAP report
D6.11IAP report
D6.12IAP report
D6.13IAP report
D6.14IAP report
D6.15SWEET Publications Policy
D6.161) Project pull-up poster with QR code
2) Project flyer with QR code
3) Social Media Analysis Infographic
D6.17Decision support tool
D7.2Meeting report
D7.3Meeting report
D7.4Meeting report
D7.5Meeting report
D7.6Meeting report