Milestone numberMilestone name
MS1Establishment of technological database
MS2Technological database updated
MS3Establishment of health impact database
MS4Health impact database updated
MS5Identification of selection criteria
MS6Toxicological assessment completed
MS7Delivery of model beverages
MS8Cellular assays completed
MS9Assessment of genetic variation completed
MS10Final bakery products delivered for WP2 trials
MS11Final confectionary products delivered for WP2 trials
MS12Final yoghurt products delivered for WP2 trials
MS13Final breakfast cereal products delivered for WP2 trials
MS14Assessment of regulatory framework completed
MS15Production of standardised protocol for Phase 1
MS16Preparation of S.O.P.s common to Phase 1 & 2
MS17Preparation of Phase1 methodologies
MS18Setting up the data hub (electronic questionnaires & eCRF)
MS19Ethical approval application for Phase 1
MS20Training delivery for Phase 1 methodologies completed
MS21Last participant last visit (LPLV) from the Phase 1 trial
MS22Preparation of publications related to Phase 1 results
MS23Production of standardised protocol for Phase 2
MS24Preparation of S.O.P.s specific to Phase 2
MS25Preparation of dietary guidelines for participants
MS26Preparation of Phase 2 methodologies
MS27Ethical approval application for Phase 2
MS28Training delivery for Phase 2 methodologies completed
MS29Analysis of microbiological safety data
MS30Last participant last visit (LPLV) from the Phase 1 trial
MS31Preparation of publications related to Phase 2 results
MS32Completion of protocol production & preparation of documents for Ethical Approval
MS33Completion of the dietary guidelines
MS34Completion of the definition of the SMART Goals
MS35Completion of the production of specific standard operation procedures (SOPs)
MS36Completion of selection of electronic case record forms (eCRF), datahub & QDP
MS37Preparations of training of staff completed
MS38Last participants first visit (LPFV)
MS39Last participant last visit (LPLV)
MS40Completion of monitoring plans
MS41Data collection completed – i.e. all data entered into the central datahub at UCPH
MS42First draft of Statistical Analysis Plan
MS43Efficacy data analyses
MS44Safety data analyses
MS45Consumer perception evaluation completed
MS46Impact evaluation completed
MS47Overview of available variables for common analyses
MS48Description method urinary S&SE analysis
MS49Cohort & WP3 biomarker S&SE results
MS50Association S&SE intake with body weight
MS51Association S&SE intake with metabolic markers
MS52Association S&SE intake biomarkers, with body weight / metabolic markers
MS53Environmental & genetic determinants in children
MS54S&SE intake & food preference
MS55S&SE intake & risk of disease & mortality
MS56Estimation of population attributable risks for S&SE
MS57Inventory S&SE foods in Europe for food composition table
MS58Selection of agreed case-study S&SEs & food products for sustainability analysis
MS59Full reporting of aLCA to ISO14040 compliance, with Critical Review
MS60Completion of other individual sustainability assessments
MS61Completion of LCSA & complementary assessments
MS62Approved LCA/LCSA datasets disseminated via open access
MS63Stakeholder analysis, gender action plan & impact plan completed
MS64Project website & social media strategy developed
MS65S&SE typology developed
MS66Research on pereceptions of S&SEs completed
MS67Dissemination & impacts reported
MS68Appointment of project manager by co-ordinator
MS69Appointment of members to steering group
MS70Kick off meeting
MS71Consortium agreement in place
MS72Project meeting to review progress
MS73Project meeting to review progress
MS74Project meeting to review progress
MS75Project meeting to review progress throughout the project