The SWEET project has organised our third Innovation Advisory Panel (IAP) meeting, which will  be held on 27th May 2021, from 14.00 to 17.30 CEST.

Under the guidance of the SWEET Innovation Manager (ILSI Europe), IAPs meet annually to be updated on the project progress and changing business and policy contexts, and to co-produce novel approaches to addressing obesity while improving sustainable food security. The IAPs will contribute to creating a vision of  possible future dynamics in Sweeteners and Sweetness Enhancers (S&SEs), providing a description of macro-environments in which novel business models might emerge and generate an economic impact while also supporting key project decision-making activities (note: IAPs do not have decision making remit).

The aims of this third Innovation Advisory Panel meeting are to:

  1. Update Stakeholders on the progress of the SWEET project
  2. Focus on the technological, health, and sweetness databases, one of the key outputs of the SWEET project, which aims to provide a platform through which new and emerging S&SEs can be selected for inclusion in food products.

Interested in contributing? Please contact Lucie Geurts ([email protected]) or Eugénie Cornu ([email protected]) for more information.