The SWEET Consortium was pleased to be represented at the American Diabetes Association 82nd scientific session in New Orleans

Michelle Pang, PhD-student in Maastricht involved in WP3, was invited as a speaker to present a live-streamed mini-symposium about “Low-calorie sweetener consumption, weight and metabolic health – what we know- and don’t”.

Michelle said “This was a great opportunity to share my insights about the effects of non-calorie sweeteners on weight and metabolic health and to highlight the importance of the SWEET project.

In this talk I highlighted the relevance of investigating the effects of low-calorie sweetener consumption on weight and metabolic health. The pharmacokinetics of different low-calorie sweeteners were explored and explained, and I talked about different pathways that might affect this outcome and what is already known about it and what not. At the end of my talk I was able to highlight the importance of the SWEET Project and how our ongoing work within SWEET might fill the gaps. There was substantial enthusiasm about the project, and I was able to refer to the SWEET Project website and Twitter account.

It was an honor and a major highlight of my PhD to be an invited speaker  I enjoyed the interesting scientific sessions at the conference, the networking, and of course, the beautiful city of New Orleans itself. All in all, it was a great experience!’’.

The live symposium remains available to view on replay to those registered on the platform at:

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