We are pleased to invite you to join members of the SWEET Project Consortium for the 5th (and final) Innovation Advisory Panel will be an in-person event with remote participation options held on Thursday 6th April 2023 from 11.00 to 13.00 CEST in Dijon, France as part of the Vita’Connect Vitagora’s annual convention assembling industry, research, and innovation actors who are part of the Vitagora network.

The dual objectives of this IAP are:

  1. Presenting early outcomes of the SWEET projecthealth impact, consumer study, and sustainability study.
  2. Gathering input from stakeholders on the potential application of the project outcomes.

Another SWEET event focused on the commercial exploitation of novel sweeteners will be held during the afternoon. This event will provide a chance to learn about products and results from WP1 activities (Development of innovative blends of sweeteners and sweetness enhancers in solid foods) presented in person by project industry partners.

All IAP stakeholders, are invited to have free registration to our events and explore the full Vita’Connect program.

Registration is open https://www.vitaconnect-event.fr/en

SWEET, a European Commission Horizon 2020 project, is supported by a consortium of 29 pan- European research, consumer, and industry partners, who are in the process of developing and reviewing evidence on long term benefits and potential risks involved in switching over to sweeteners and sweetness enhancers (S&SEs) in the context of public health and safety, obesity, and sustainability.

The 5-year multidisciplinary project is engaging stakeholders from across the food chain — consumers, patients, health professionals, public health colleagues, scientists, policy makers, and regulators — to address the role of sweeteners in weight control, and potentially move viable products to market.

About the IAP


The objective of this IAP is to engage with sweetener stakeholders to better understand how the outcomes of the project can help to address their interests and needs, and to contribute to development of a Decision Support Tool. IAP 5 aims to:

  • Present early project outcomes to the stakeholders.
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders on preliminary project outcomes.
  • Facilitate fruitful academic- industry partnership and support development of public discourse.


The IAP5 event will be held alongside the annual  Vita’ Connect conference on 6 April 2022 in Dijon, France at the Dijon Conference Center. Registration for the event is free for SWEET stakeholders.

We kindly invite you to register for the event by 15 March 2023. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with meeting details.