On April 6th, 2023, the Vitaconnect event in Dijon, France, hosted two insightful workshops led by partners of the “SWEET Project”. The workshops highlighted the project’s research findings and product developments to an audience of food industry professionals.

Vitaconnect, organized by Vitagora – a member of the SWEET consortium, attracted over 350 food professionals. The event fostered knowledge sharing and networking opportunities on various food innovation topics.

Workshop 1 – 5th Innovation Advisory Panel: Exploring the Impact of Sweeteners on Obesity, Safety, and Sustainability

The first workshop presented findings from Work Package 2 of the SWEET project, discussing the health impact of sweeteners. This included their effects on metabolism and gastrointestinal symptoms. Work Package 5 highlighted studies on sustainability trends in sweeteners, including life cycle assessments and an analysis of the potential sustainability impact of replacing added sugar with sweeteners. Finally, Work Package 6 revealed crucial findings related to consumer communication on sweeteners. Keynote speakers included Corey Scott from Cargill (USA) and James Suckling and Monique Raats from the University of Surrey (UK). A discussion was led by Isabelle Guelinckx of ILSI Europe.

Workshop 2 – Commercial and Exploitation Event: Innovations in Sweeteners and Their Applications

The second workshop showcased industrial applications and innovations in sweeteners, featuring prototypes developed during the project. Products such as yoghurts, cereals, chocolates, and beverages were presented, developed by industry partners including Cargill and Tereos. The presentations discussed the impact of incorporating sweeteners into product formulations, particularly highlighting sensory and functional considerations of sugar reduction. The workshop concluded with a tasting session, allowing participants to experience the products firsthand and provide feedback on their taste and sensory properties.

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Recordings and presentations from the two workshops are available:

– Workshop 1 – https://www.vitagora.com/en/member-space/resources/vitaconnect-sweet-morning-inno/

– Workshop 2 – https://www.vitagora.com/en/member-space/resources/vitaconnect-sweet-afternoon-inno/

Corey Scott - Cargill

Photo credit: Tim Edgar

Tasting Product prototypes

Photo credit: Grégory Girard